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Bat Box

We Have been making these boxes for years and they work like they are suppose to. give you furry little friends a home around your property.

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Small Matchbox Candlestick Holder Tin

Small matchbox tin candlestick holder vintage style hand made in Missouri, comes with the small box stick matches and 1/2" diameter candle.

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Vintage style round candlestick holder

This sale is for a small tin vintage style candlestick holder comes with a white 1/2" diameter candle 4" tall.
Tin is 5" long x 4" wide x 2" tall without candle, with candle in place stands 5" tall.

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Heart Tin Candle Holder

Hand Made in Missouri, Heart Shape Tin Candle Holder, size is 5" long x 3" wide and 2" tall, comes with an 1/2" diameter x 4" tall white candle.


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Large Matchbox Candle Holder Tin

Reproduction of an vintage Tin Matchbox Candle Holder.
Holds the Large box of wooden match sticks.
Comes with a 3/4" diameter white candle 6" long.

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